Streaming From Real World Casinos

In terms of technology, streaming from actual brick-and-mortar locations is nothing too different. Instead, minor adjustments have to be made in order to not disturb actual players who might want to play there. For example, some releases that stream from real world casinos have monitors for punters, too. This allows online and offline players to chat as they play despite being miles apart.

Live casinos in actual casinos usually consist of three rooms. You have the area where all the games are played. There is also a software room that makes sure everything is running smoothly. Finally, an analyst room keeps track of players and their bets to make sure no one is cheating. This setup tends to vary between casinos, so there is no guarantee all titles work this way.

Importance of Live Dealers

It is easy to dismiss dealers and hosts in live casinos as pretty faces with basic training. However, that is not the case, especially for more serious software providers! In order to get licenses from the strictest regulators, developers have to use trained professionals as dealers. Even without the requirement, software providers are incentivised to do so. Players are more interested in tables where the host knows what they are doing.

As such, you can freely choose between brick-and-mortar live casino games or ones streamed directly from a studio. In both cases, you have people who know exactly what they are doing handling the cards or roulette wheel.

Final Thoughts

We are constantly amazed just how complex the systems that power live casinos are. Live casinos employ lots of impressive technology to make player enjoyment possible. It is the reason why demo mode for these titles is rarely feasible. The extra cost is definitely worth for software providers, given how popular these releases are with players.